ITV presenter, and Arsenal fan, Robert Peston, says he has been left feeling ‘ashamed’ after hearing Arsenal fans chanting anti-Semitic songs before the League Cup final against Manchester City on Sunday

Taking to Twitter, the host of Peston on Sunday, said,

Arsenal are well known for their drive to make sure everyone feels included at the club and are widely recognised as one of the most diverse and inclusive clubs in football

That being said, as long as there is even a minority who feel that it is acceptable to chant songs which are anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, sexist or any other -ic, work still remains to be done.

While the club should be called on to take action, it also falls to us fans to call out this sort of behaviour when we are able to (and when it is safe to do so).

No fan should leave a football match feeling like they have been abused, either directly or indirectly.