Hector Bellerin became the first active Premier League player to speak at the Oxford Union on Monday and took the opportunity to defend his eye-catching fashion sense… among other things.

Bellerin’s unique fashion sense is always grabbing headlines.

Some fans cringe when they see the 22-year-old stepping out in what can only be described as a dressing gown; most don’t actually care, as long as he’s doing his red-and-white shirt justice at the weekends.

The right-back insists he doesn’t actually care what people think about the way he dresses because he likes it.

“So many people Tweet me saying focus on the game, having seen me at fashion shows or whatever, and I am just like ‘don’t worry’.

“I am a human being. I have passions, I have hobbies but equally, I am a footballer and that is my main focus,” the defender said, reports the Daily Mail.

Bellerin caused a stink when he attended London Fashion Week while Arsenal’s fringe players were getting thumped by Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup. Although he insists he remains focused.


The Spaniard obviously doesn’t think his outlandish outfits have an impact on his on-pitch performances because… well, why would they?

Unless Bellerin comes jogging onto the pitch against at Wembley on Saturday in a pair of loafers, I couldn’t care less what he wears in his own time.

Saying this, I wasn’t too pleased to see pictures of him and his girlfriend sitting on the front row at LFW while his teammates were getting humiliated.

He may be getting invited to London Fashion Week but I don’t think we’ll be seeing him swap the football pitch for catwalk any time soon… He’s only 5ft 10in.


Of course, Bellerin didn’t just visit the Oxford Union to defend his tartan trousers. The youngster also covered football, technology, Catalan independence and playing for Barcelona.