Alex Iwobi’s stats compared to Tomas Rosicky, whom Arsenal fans adore, and Alexander Hleb, are pretty surprising.

Iwobi has copped a lot of criticism lately. Some warranted, some completely unnecessary.

In fact, the amount of flack the 21-year-old has been getting this season is ridiculous when you consider his stats compared to other midfielders, who Arsenal fans loved to watch.

During Iwobi’s breakthrough season in Arsenal’s first team, 2015/16, he scored or assisted 0.57 times per 90 minutes.

Sure, this isn’t exactly life-changing but he was a teenager at the time. What’s more, Hleb and Rosicky were never as helpful during their time at Arsenal.

I’m not for one second suggesting that Iwobi, presently, is better than Hleb nor Rosicky.

Rosicky was an excellent player to watch and enjoyed scoring against Spurs but couldn’t be relied on every game.

What I am saying is that Iwobi is only 21 with a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Just because he’s not banging in 10+ goals a season at the moment doesn’t mean he never will.

It’s also important to take into account that the Nigeria international is often played on the wing when he’s actually stronger in the centre. But he never complains because he’s just happy to get game time and play for the club.

Arsenal fans complain we no longer have strong talents coming through the academy but when a youngster experiences a dip in form, they practically form a lynch mob.

Then they wonder why they don’t want to hang around anymore…