Arsene Wenger’s comments to and about Mike Dean are being treated more seriously than his comments about Anthony Taylor, according to the Telegraph.

Wenger is in a bit of trouble with the FA.

It started when Mike Dean reported that the Arsenal manager was verbally abusive towards him while also questioning the official’s integrity after the 1-1 draw with West Brom.

While the FA charged Wenger for that, they’ve also asked him to explain his more recent comments about Anthony Taylor.

Wenger criticised Taylor’s decision to award Chelsea a “farcical” penalty in the 2-2 draw on Wednesday, and implied that he knew it was coming.

According to the Telegraph, it’s his comments about Dean that could really land him in trouble.

They report that should Wenger be found guilty, his previous altercation with Anthony Taylor last January during a 2-1 win over Burnley will be taken into account.

Wenger was handed a four-game suspension for confronting Taylor, who was serving as a fourth official, and saying he was “dishonest to his federation”. He also told him to f**k off.


It wasn’t all Wenger’s fault, however, a fact that seems to have been conveniently ignored by those in the media who would have managers remain silent and officials free from accountability. Taylor followed Wenger into the tunnel after he was sent off, something he shouldn’t have done and which only made the situation worse.

Taylor escaped punishment for not doing his job correctly.

Likewise, Dean will escape any punishment for being a poor referee who undeniably influence the result of the West Brom game unfairly, costing Arsenal two points.

Wenger, meanwhile, will likely receive a lengthy ban.

Abuse of any kind should not be condoned. Wenger has crossed a line if he has indeed abused Dean.

However, while the FA take a tough stance on managers implying bias and questioning the integrity of the officials, you can certainly see where Wenger is coming from.

Sometimes questions really do need to be asked. And answered.

While Wenger answers his, will the FA or PGMOL ever answer theirs?

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