Mesut Ozil has revealed one of the reasons he joined Arsenal in the first place.

Speaking to Sky Sports at a mock press conference with children from the Young Gunners fan club, Ozil revealed that one of the reasons he joined Arsenal was because of the club’s history. The 29-year-old believes Arsenal has made him a bigger player.

“(I joined) because of the history and the amazing players. I’m here to learn, to grow up and to show my talent for this club,” he said.

“This club has made me bigger. I’m so proud to play for a big club like Arsenal.”

Although Ozil’s not getting 15+ assists a season anymore like he was at Real Madrid (although he did get 19 in 2015/16), the playmaker has definitely become a more well-rounded midfielder.

The German has bulked up and worked on the defensive side of the game – mainly because he’s had to in the Premier League – while maintaining his unique level of creativity.

mesut ozil liverpool

Ozil has under six months left on his contract with Arsenal and it’s hard not to be hopeful that he’ll sign a new deal when he comes out with comments like these. He appears to love the club but it’s not always as simple as that when agents are involved.

Unlike Alexis Sanchez, who’s in the same position, Ozil genuinely seems settled and happy in London. Since rumours emerged that he could be signing a new contract, he coincidentally started playing as if a weight had been lifted.

Hopefully, we’re not reading into it too much and the German does choose to stay.

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