Steve McClaren believes that Alexis Sanchez’s wages will cause Manchester United problems in the future.

United should soon confirm the signing of Alexis Sanchez after luring him with massive wages.

He’ll reportedly be earning between £350,000 and £400,000 per week, which will be significantly more than he was earning at Arsenal.

Former United player and coach, Steve McClaren, feels that while the Chilean will be a great signing, his wages could cause issues in the future.

“That is the danger in the modern game and the problem I find in clubs,” McClaren said, as reported by the Evening Standard.

“Wage parity is very important to players. Yes, they find out – at all levels – and if someone is paid a lot higher than others that can cause a problem.

“In the short term I don’t see a problem, but in the long term for Manchester United they will have to solve that problem.

“If he (Sanchez) is on the wages that is being bandied about then other players will know that when their contracts come up or they are in demand from other clubs.

“The others will be looking at renegotiation next season or the season after and getting to that (wage) level if they think they are at that level.”

Alexis’ demands were such that even Manchester City felt he wasn’t worth it.

Their reluctance opened the door for United to sign the forward, and helped Arsenal get Henrikh Mkhitaryan in the process.

Yet, for a club as wealthy and self-sustaining as United, these wages they’re paying will hardly damage them.

On the pitch, they’ll be even stronger with Alexis in the side.

That is, of course, if Alexis adapts to their team, and doesn’t give the ball away several times during a game.

If that gives them the same grief it did for the Arsenal fans, then great.

He’s Manchester United’s problem now.

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