Jurgen Klopp has claimed that he would never sell a player to a rival mid-season like Arsenal are doing with Alexis Sanchez.

Jurgen Klopp has complete faith in the loyalty of his Liverpool players.

When asked to comment on Alexis Sanchez’s move to Manchester United, the Liverpool manager said: “No Liverpool player of this squad would leave – and not just because we say it but because of their commitment to the club.

“No-one would leave to any other Premier League club during the season.

“I’m not just confident of that – I know it. It is just impossible. No player who is here will say, ‘OK, come on, in the middle of the season I go there or there.’ I really cannot see that situation.”

If we’re being totally fair to Klopp, he did specify that none of his players would leave for another Premier League side in the middle of a season.

However, his comments come off as rather cheap given Liverpool sold Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona earlier this month.

It’s not quite the same as selling to a direct rival, but Coutinho was a player who wasn’t committed to Liverpool, and a very important one at that.

Hence, Klopp should know it’s not impossible that one of his star attackers would want to leave mid-season.

It’s up to him if he wants to take the moral high ground on the issue, but that doesn’t make Liverpool look any better.

This is, of course, being spun as a dig at Arsenal.

However, if we’re being nice, it seems he was just offering his view and using the opportunity to reaffirm the commitment of his squad.

Perhaps he was even sending a message to certain members of his squad following Coutinho’s departure.

The situation has been far from ideal for Arsenal, but they could potentially come out of it with two new players, so it could be far worse.