Gareth Southgate’s England side were drawn in League A/Group 4 and will face Croatia & Spain. Group 1 features Netherlands, France & Germany. Ireland drew Wales in League B/Group 4.

League A

  • Group 1: Netherlands, France, Germany
  • Group 2: Iceland, Switzerland, Belgium
  • Group 3: Poland, Italy, Portugal
  • Group 4: Croatia, England, Spain

League B

• Group 1: Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia
• Group 2: Turkey, Sweden, Russia
• Group 3: Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria
• Group 4: Denmark, Republic of Ireland, Wales

League C

• Group 1: Israel, Albania, Scotland
• Group 2: Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary
• Group 3: Cyprus, Bulgaria, Norway, Slovenia
• Group 4: Lithuania, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania

League D

• Group 1: Andorra, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Georgia
• Group 2: San Marino, Moldova, Luxembourg, Belarus
• Group 3: Kosovo, Malta, Faroe Islands, Azerbaijan
• Group 4: Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Macedonia

The group matches will take place during the international breaks in September, October and November, with the Final Four matches taking place during the following summer after club competitions have ended.

What is the UEFA Nations League?

The UEFA Nations League is a newly-devised tournament that will pit European sides against each other in a league format. The top-four compete in a ‘Final Four’, a summer competition that will be held in 2019.

The idea is to reduce the number of meaningless friendlies, as well as ensuring nations face opponents of similar quality. UEFA also added a rule which gives lower ranked teams better opportunities to reach the Euros – The 16 lowest ranked teams will be guaranteed one of the 24 Euro qualifying spots.

55 nations are divided into four mini-leagues – A, B, C and D. Each country’s UEFA ranking in November 2017 is factored in the league allocation, which are tiered with the highest-ranking nations in League A, the next highest in League B etc.

Each league will be split into groups of three or four sides. At the end of each gameweek, four teams will be relegated to the league below, while four teams will be promoted to the league above.