Antonio Conte is the latest manager to show an interest in Alexis Sanchez after being asked about the Chilean recently.

Just like every other manager in the world, it seems, Conte is a huge fan of Alexis and would apparently welcome the 29-year-old, as well as his compatriot Arturo Vidal, at Chelsea.

“You are talking about two big and strong players, top players for their roles,” said Conte.

“Vidal is one of the best in the world, but Sanchez is the same as a striker.”

Conte reportedly wanted to sign Alexis during the summer but seeing as he doesn’t have a huge hand in transfers, the Blues never made an approach.

This very much seems to be the case again. The Italian admits that the forward is one of the best in the world but has no major say in Chelsea’s activity in the window.

“I’m not involved in the transfer market, I give my opinion but the club decide for the players they want to buy, to invest in,” said Conte.

“I trust in my club and I’m sure they will take the best decision for the team.

“In this case when I tell that I give my opinion to the club, I try to tell where are the roles we can improve also on the numerical aspect because in some roles we don’t have a couple of players.

“Or there is a young player that is not ready to play with the first team.

“If the club ask me some names I try to do this but then it’s the club, it’s the club that decides the name, the investment, which is the best player for the team.”


Manchester City are the main club linked with a move for Alexis in January. However, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-German are also said to be interested.

Arsenal would presumably prefer it if either of the foreign teams came forward as that would mean they don’t have to sell one of their best players to a rival in January, or, even worse, let him go there for free at the end of the season.

As it stands, I don’t think Gooners really care what happens now. They just want this transfer saga to be done with.