Arsenal and Everton have claimed more points from losing position than anyone else in the Premier League, but does this display mental strength?

“Mental strength” is a favourite phrase of Arsene Wenger’s when extolling the virtues of his side.

How we define it depends on the person, but there is some statistical evidence that Arsenal do, at least, possess a form of it.

Both Arsenal and Everton have won 12 points from losing positions so far this season – the most in the Premier League.

This suggests that Arsenal have no shortage of determination when they’re behind in games.

To remain calm and stick to a game plan under pressure shows strong resilience.

A few years ago, Arsenal might not have come back from 2-0 down against Liverpool, or 2-1 down against Chelsea.

So there’s definitely a willingness to fight in the team when they have to correct their own mistakes.

On the other hand, not falling behind and preserving leads is another form of toughness that Arsenal haven’t shown this season.

Granted, much of that is down to Arsenal’s poor defending, rather than a lack of effort on the players’ part.

To come from behind so often is impressive, but it’s something Arsenal shouldn’t have to do.

The likes of Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham fall behind in games on far fewer occasions than Arsenal.

It’s something Arsenal must improve on, as their ability to come from behind might not last the season.

If Arsenal are still in the hunt for the Champions League places, we’ll see just how tough they are when they play in more high stakes games.