Us Gooners always knew that Arsenal were the biggest club in London, but now it’s official!

By beating Crystal Palace in December, Arsenal became the team with most wins in London derbies in the Premier League era and therefore the legitimate Kings Of London.

As of 3 January 2018, both Arsenal and Chelsea have both played in 235 London derbies since the Premier League started. Arsenal have grabbed 120 wins, more than any other London Premier League team.

Those teams are, in order of points collected in London derbies:

  1. Arsenal
  2. Chelsea
  3. Tottenham
  4. West Ham United
  5. Fulham
  6. Wimbledon
  7. Charlton Athletic
  8. Crystal Palace
  9. QPR

It’s worth to mention that Chelsea are very close to Arsenal in this “London mini-league”, with 422 points against ours425.

Spurs, in third place, are way behind with 308 and, just like in the real league and any other competition, no threat at all.

Now, you might say “oh there was football before 1992” and yes, that’s right, there was.

If we look further back, Arsenal are still the top team with 536 wins from 984 London derbies. Chelsea are again second best, with 530.

Spurs, again, are third and far away from the big guys with only 320 wins.

I started making an infograph with all this info but changed my mind in the middle of it because I got an idea for a wallpaper, which you can see below.

It includes some of the key players from Arsenal’s London derby matches – Henry (most goals), Ian Wright, Rosicky (he loved scoring against Spurs!) and Jack from the most recent London derby against Chelsea.

I hope you like it! Special thanks to @REDActionAFC for letting me use their photo of the big “London Our City” banner! As always, click the image to get the full-size version and then right-click to save.

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