Arsenal fans rarely pass up the opportunity to lay into Piers Morgan and his tweet about recruiting Donald Trump as a Gooner presented them with the perfect chance.

During his recent interview with Donald Trump (*gags*), Morgan presented the President of the United States with an Arsenal shirt, which had his name on the back, and asked him to be our new manager.

It’s bad enough that his son, Barron, was pictured in red and white last year. We could really do without the 71-year-old knowing our club exists thanks very much.

As if Gooners weren’t already embarrassed enough to have Morgan supporting their club, we’ve now got him running around asking Donald Trump to become Arsenal manager.

I honestly couldn’t be cringing any harder.

Opposition fans must be having a great time.

Fortunately, like most people with brains, Arsenal fans despise Morgan and perhaps hate Trump even more.

Therefore, their responses to the picture of the presenter clutching a ‘Trump’ kit went hit home…hard:

Even Hector Bellerin and Heather O’Reilly got involved.

It seems that, just in case you were in any doubt, Arsenal fans do not want Trump to have anything to do with their club. Joke or not.

Can’t we just shoot them both off into space on some sort of rocket?