Arsenal’s share price is rising even higher as the recent trade of three shares broke the previous record sale.

Last year, amid rumours of takeover bids from Alisher Usmanov and Stan Kroenke, the record share price rose from £17,750 (in March) to £27,500 (in October).

Now, the price has risen even higher.

According to the Daily Mail, three shares in the club have been sold for £28,000 each.

daily mail arsenal shares 180117
Daily Mail 17/01/18

It’s hard to explain exactly why the share price is still growing. After all, the two major shareholders are both quite adamant they aren’t going to sell. There’s almost no chance of any outside investor slowly building up a profile to challenge them.

Perhaps £28,000 is now the assumed asking price if either of them do ever decide to sell. That was the amount Stan Kroenke reportedly offered Usmanov per share last summer. Nobody wants to be the person who sold their share for £20,000 the day before a £28,000 Kroenke bid.

It’s also vaguely possible that recent transfer activity is driving up interest in the club. We’ve known Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez might leave for a while, but it looks like Arsenal are finally trying to replace them. Better performances on the pitch (at least in terms of getting Champions League back) means a more stable financial future.

Whatever the reason, Arsenal’s billionaire owners continue to watch their investment increase in value, as the Gunners slide down the table.

I’m sure that’s going to go down well with fans.