A group of West Ham fans allegedly targeted a woman on Wednesday night and subjected her to sexist chants while the match played out.

According to a fan on Twitter, a female Arsenal supporter was subjected to vile abuse by the home fans on Wednesday night.



It’s currently not known whether the women in question – who is unknown – has reported the alleged incident to West Ham or whether she just went home reluctantly accepting that sexist abuse is still, in 2017, part of the game.

When anti-Semitic and racist chants have been brought to the foreground in the past, West Ham have operated a zero-tolerance policy, which means the abusers have received lifetime bans from the London Stadium. If the Hammers fans involved in the alleged incident on Wednesday night are found, it would be hugely encouraging to see the same punishments dished out. Zero-tolerance should mean zero-tolerance against sexist abuse as well, should it not?

Unfortunately, sexist abuse at football games is still something most women face when watching their team play. It’s disgusting that their fellow football fans make them feel uncomfortable and unsafe because they feel that an appropriate way of expressing their ‘passion’ towards their team is to abuse someone. It’s even worse that it’s so common we’re used to it.

We’ve reached out to West Ham for comment.