The one who is “feeling it the most” will take free-kicks for Manchester United according to Paul Pogba in an interview ahead of the game.

Arsenal could be left guessing as to who will take the free-kicks for Manchester United when the two sides meet.

Pogba is the regular free-kick taker for United, but may have to share his responsibilities with Ashley Young after their 4-2 win against Watford.

Young, who won Manchester United’s Player of the Month for November with over two-thirds of the vote, scored an excellent free-kick in that game despite not being the planned taker.

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“To be honest, I won the foul and he just came and took the ball straight away,” Pogba told United’s official website.

“He didn’t even speak because he was so confident.

“He took it and scored. But I would never fight it for a free-kick or a penalty, or whatever, because we all want the same result. We want to score and we want to win the game. So I was very happy.”

“The one who is feeling it the most. Ash just scored the goal at Watford so if he feels it then fine, or I feel it then I will tell him. We will see what happens in the game.”

Arsenal will be hoping that no United player is “feeling it” against them and that every free-kick ends up in Oxlade-Chamberlain territory.

Unfortunately, Manchester United have a history of scoring free-kicks against us.

Cristiano Ronaldo famously scored from 40-yards in the Champions League semi-final back in 2009, while Wayne Rooney has put a few past us from dead ball situations.

Hopefully, Arsenal will have so much of the play in their half that free-kicks won’t be a problem.

Pogba himself will have a big role for United in helping screen their defence.

Ashley Young, meanwhile, will likely play at left back again, where he’s been surprisingly consistent as of late.