The new Premier League TV deal is set to introduce Saturday evening kick-off times and broadcast up to 200 lives games.

The Premier League’s television rights for the next three-year cycle beginning in 2019 will include a new kick-off time and 42 extra live matches throughout the season.

According to the Evening Standard, the Premier League wants eight games to kick-off at 19:45 on a Saturday in order to gain a share of the prime-time audience, a market that’s dominated by shows provided by terrestrial TV.

It will be yet another late kick-off time for fans to contend with after the introduction of Friday night games last season.

In addition, the Telegraph reports that entire rounds of Premier League matches will be broadcast for the first time.

These games will be broadcast mid-week and on bank holidays.

That means the days of hunting for bitty streams for mid-week games could soon be over.

The Saturday afternoon blackout, that runs from 2:45 PM to 5:15 PM, will remain in order to continue to protect lower league attendances.

The current TV deal is worth a combined £5.14bn, with Sky contributing £4.2bn of that.

The next deal is expected to be worth even more amid speculation that internet companies such as Amazon and Facebook could also get involved. However, their ability to show 10 matches simultaneously has been seriously questioned and is likely to impact their ability to bid.