Alexis Sanchez’s girlfriend, Chilean actress Mayte Rodriguez, has denied being pregnant but admits her relationship with the 28-year-old is going well.

If you’re active on Instagram, you will know that Alexis and Mayte went public with their relationship over the summer. The pair shared several pictures of them looking loved-up and content. However, despite being together for five months, neither one has spoken about their relationship.

Until now, anyway.

“Today I’m sharing my life with a marvellous person,” Mayte told Chilean glossy magazine, Hola.

“The day God gifts me with a child, I’ll be the luckiest woman to give life.

“But I haven’t been nor am I pregnant, I’m just living a very beautiful moment in my life, enjoying the present and following my instinct and being faithful to my feelings.”

Mayte, who’s also 28, is a star in Chile, which is why there’s so much interest surrounding her relationship with Alexis.

The actress revealed that she’s been dating Alexis for five months and was alongside the forward when he watched Arsenal beat Leicester 4-3 from the stands in August. However, as she says, she’s not pregnant and they don’t currently live together.

Mayte was also keen to point out that she’s an independent woman and likes to do her own thing when it comes to the way she lives her life and her career.

Alexis is out of contract with the Gunners at the end of the season and it’ll be interesting to see whether his new relationship has any influence on his career. Considering his most likely move at this point is just up north to Manchester City, I doubt it.

Does he follow the money to fund a cushty life or does he stay put and live like pauper on £200k a week?