Paul Pogba is annoyed at Laurent Koscielny for his red card, according to manager José Mourinho.

Pogba stamped on Hector Bellerín’s leg in the 74th minute, and after a few moments of deliberation Andre Marriner made the decision to send the Frenchman off.

Mourinho was asked about the incident after the game, and responded (via Manchester Evening News): “I did not see. I was not even looking in that direction, no television yet for me, I just know that Paul is frustrated, a bit disappointed with his colleague Koscielny for this kind of reaction.

pogba tackle on bellering
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

“But Paul is very frustrated because everyone knows Paul is a clean player and was not his intention at all to be close to a red card.”

The argument that “he’s just not that kind of player” is a favourite among Premier League managers. Unfortunately, when you stamp on someone’s leg, it doesn’t really matter what kind of player you are. There was no need to go for the ball studs-first, so Paul has to accept the consequences of doing so.

It’s embarrassing of Mourinho and Pogba to try and shift the blame to Laurent Koscielny. The Arsenal centre-back had just watched a teammate get stamped on, and seen United players try every trick in the book to run down the clock and buy fouls from the referee for 73 minutes. If Laurent didn’t go and complain to Andre Marriner I’d be concerned about his commitment to the team.

We all saw what happens when players don’t appeal for decisions they should’ve got, as Danny Welbeck had a valid penalty claim ignored because he decided to play on.

Pogba can only have himself to blame for the red card, as it was his own decision to be so careless. That it came just moments after Bellerin had fouled Ashley Young was not lost on many, either.

Koscielny’s reaction was the most understandable part of the whole situation.