Arsene Wenger claims that the congested Premier League fixture list is the reason why Arsenal haven’t opened talks with Jack Wilshere yet.

Wenger’s excuses about why Arsenal still haven’t sorted out Jack’s future one way or another are growing increasingly unbelievable.

He’s now claiming that the club will talk to the midfielder at the beginning of January and blaming the Gunners’ multiple matches in December for the delay.

Not that the Frenchman admits there has been a delay at all.

“The situation is we will sit down with him in the beginning of January – it is planned,” Wenger said.

“There is no delay. I said we would sort out the situation in December, the end of December – I told him we want to meet, to sit down with him and talk about the future. That’s what I did.

“But we play now, we play on Sunday, we play on Wednesday. At the moment the focus has to be on the game. At the beginning of January we will do that.”

In November, Wenger said the 25-year-old’s future would be sorted ‘in December’.

The boss later denied this, despite the press conference in question being filmed and people, you know, having memories.

The 67-year-old then insisted that Jack’s future would sorted by the end of December.

Now he’s claiming that the England international will have to wait until January.

With so many matches, Wenger claims, Arsenal simply haven’t had time to talk to him.

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I’m sorry but that doesn’t wash.

The Premier League has scheduled a congested festive fixture list for as long as I can remember.

In fact, Boxing Day football and the like is a Christmas tradition in the UK.

What’s more, Arsenal’s specific December matches have been in place since June.

With the exception of the odd date and time, namely the Liverpool clash being moved from December 23 to December 22, we’ve always known that we’ll have to play several games in quick succession this month.

The matches haven’t suddenly been thrust upon us.

Wenger has been the manager of a Premier League club since 1996 – 21 years. Surely, he of all people should have anticipated that the club would be a squad busy in December.

Therefore, why would he claim that we would have an answer regarding Jack’s future by the end of the month if he had no intention of actually delivering?

Jack wants to stay. He’s made that clear more than once, even claiming this week, “I have spoken to the boss and he says he will speak to me – I’m sure it will get done.”

However, I can’t help but feel the midfielder deserves better.

Not because he’s too good for Arsenal from a footballing standpoint but, as someone who’s come through the academy and been a Gunner since the age of nine, surely he deserves to have answers regarding his future without running into the final six months of his contract?

Surely he shouldn’t have to find out the latest updates, if there are any, through Wenger’s comments in the media?

At it stands, Jack’s made four Premier League starts this season and, for the most part, looks sharp. He ran the show against Crystal Palace.

However, it feels as if Arsenal are yet to be convinced that he’s worth a new deal.