Arsenal snatched a late draw in the closing stages against Southampton after a poor performance all round.

Here are our individual ratings.



Petr Čech 5

Petr made a couple of rather strange decisions in the first-half, punching and running out of the box for diving headers, although he couldn’t really be faulted for the goal.

His distribution was also a bit off, with one kick going straight out of play, but in general he was fairly solid at keeping the Saints out.

Nacho Monreal 4

Failed to track the runner for Southampton’s goal, although he wasn’t awful otherwise.

One long shot that went fairly close was the only other noteworthy moment.

Per Mertesacker 3

Arsène Wenger’s first substitution, and you could see why. Per was off the pace despite not having much to do for much of the match.

He was lucky Romeu only hit the bar after the German sat off him.

Laurent Koscielny 4

Gave away possession cheaply a number of times, and struggled to keep, pass or do much constructive with the ball.

Laurent wasn’t really involved in the goal conceded, but was part of the poor defensive performance early on.

Next, midfield…