Mathieu Flamini was invited to speak about bioeconomy at the Stakeholder Forum, he revealed on social media, as he continues to support global sustainability efforts.

Former Gunner, Flamini, tweeted out that he was called upon to attend the event, which was organised by European Commission and Bio Based Industry’s Consortium.

Flamini spent seven years with Arsenal over two spells, but this kind of post isn’t exactly the standard selfie we’ve come to expect from our players on social media.

The Stakeholder Forum is an organisation set up to advance sustainable development.

They aim to provide a bridge between those who have stakes in sustainable development, and the international forums where decisions are made.

Mathieu Flamini, of course, is one of those with a stake in sustainable development. He is the co-founder of GFBiochemicals, a company produces levulinic acid on a commercial scale, as an alternative to oil-based products currently dominating the market.

He was also part of a team that created BIOCIRCE, a master’s degree aimed a promoting bioeconomy education, so he’s certainly been busy.

As a result, the former footballer is now known almost as much for his attempts to save the world as he is for football.

Good luck to him.

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