If you wanted to know anything about Stan Kroenke, the fact that his plans for Arsenal are still unknown after six years of ownership should tell you plenty.

His primary motivation for purchasing the club, according to Larry DeGaris, an associate professor of sports marketing at the University of Indianapolis and former head of research for a sports marketing firm in Denver, was to enter a market that has far more global growth opportunities than American sports. Arsenal, a club at the time that had yet to embrace its status as a world-wide brand, was ripe for the picking when Stan went looking.

Over the past six years, Kroenke’s ownership of Arsenal, however, has left many fans disillusioned and calling for a change.

Alisher Usmanov is often the man that fans call for to take over the club, a man that has always tried to portray himself as a man of the fans, but is the Russian business magnate really a better option? After all, aren’t there a number of questions over his background? Wasn’t he in jail? Doesn’t he have links with Everton’s owner?

In this 5,000-word deep dive, designed into a mini-magazine, two Daily Cannon writers each spent a week finding out all they could about Arsenal’s two major shareholders to see what they could dig up.

This isn’t a quick news piece knocked up in 10 minutes.

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