Arsenal’s players are getting upset with Alexis Sanchez’s behaviour, with reports that the Chilean is having a negative effect in training and in the dressing room.

The Sun quote an “Emirates source” claiming some of the players are upset with the way Sanchez is acting. They write the 29-year-old wants to leave the club, which is harming the atmosphere in training.

The paper isn’t exactly the most reliable source of information. In the article they reference one of their previous stories about Alexis, where they claimed he turned down a mega-money bid from China.

alexis sanchez spurs 2
Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal and Chile forward. Picture: IAN KINGTON/AFP/Getty Images

That rumour has already been proven false. They also say the Chilean is 28 years old, but he had his 29th birthday earlier this week. So fact-checking clearly isn’t a priority for the publication.

Nonetheless, it isn’t hard to believe Alexis might not be giving off the most positive vibes at the moment. The forward certainly isn’t on the pitch, where he mostly mopes around throwing his arms in the air. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched him walk back after an attack, only to end up standing offside when Arsenal turnover possession.

If selling him is the only way to resolve that issue, the Gunners should consider doing so. But hopefully it’s just paper talk.