Arsène Wenger says Cesc Fabregas didn’t mean to hit Sir Alex Ferguson with a piece of pizza, that fateful day at Old Trafford.

Wenger will break Ferguson’s Premier League record for games managed against West Bromwich Albion on Sunday.

In honour of the occasion, he has been looking back at a few of the famous incidents from his 810 games so far.

One particularly noteworthy event was a case of pizza throwing in the Old Trafford tunnel.

The Arsenal manager told Sky Sports“This was the 50th – ‘Pizza-gate’. Bad refereeing on the day, we were really unlucky, because when [Fredrik] Ljungberg went through he was stopped by Rio Ferdinand [and nothing was given].

“It was a fight after the game, yes.

“It was a brawl in the corridor, you know Old Trafford is not big and it’s quite tight.

“Cesc [Fabregas] threw the pizza somewhere, I don’t think he wanted to throw it at [Sir Alex] Ferguson!

“But by coincidence it landed on Alex.”

For those who don’t know, Arsenal were aiming for their 50th unbeaten league game in a row at the time.

They’d already surpassed Nottingham Forest’s 42 game record, earlier in the season.

At this point they were breaking new ground with every match. But it had to end sometime, and Manchester United finally defeated the Gunners, 2-0.

However, the game was marred by controversy.

Referee Mike Riley overlooked a number of cynical fouls by United, then awarded Rooney a penalty for a dive.

Clearly, the Arsenal players felt hard done by, and ended up in a fight off the pitch.

Wenger probably feels more comfortable talking about the incident, now Fabregas has admitted he threw the slice.

The former Gunner went on TV show “A League of Their Own” recently, and owned up to the deed.

It was the tiniest bit of retribution for everything else that happened on the day.

So well done to Fabregas, even if you “didn’t mean it”.