Arsenal have topped a list for the price of the most expensive Premier League match tickets.

The Express put together the list, looking at all 20 Premier League teams by the most expensive ticket for a single game.

Any Arsenal supporters who attend games already know how expensive it is to do so, but the fact the Gunners top the list just hammers the point home.

Here are the rankings in full:

1Arsenal – £95.50

2Chelsea – £87.00

3West Ham – £80.00

4Tottenham – £75.00

5Brighton – £60.00

6Liverpool – £59.00

7Man City – £58.00

8Man Utd – £53.00

9Southampton – £52.00

10Stoke – £50.00

11Newcastle – £50.00

12Crystal Palace – £50.00

13Leicester – £50.00

14Everton – £49.00

15Swansea – £45.00

16Bournemouth – £45.00

17Watford – £42.00

18Burnley – £40.00

19West Brom – £35.00

20Huddersfield – £30.00

As you’d expect, the big-six are pretty high up the list, all making the top eight. Those six all finish highest in the table, and get furthest in the other competitions as well, so the demand to attend matches is higher.

The only potential surprises in that top eight are Brighton and West Ham.

Neither are knocking on the door at the top of the table, in fact the Hammers are currently sitting in the relegation zone. However, given that both clubs have moved stadiums in the last 10 years, it does make some sense.

Similar logic could be applied to the Gunners, who have only recently moved to the Emirates. Manchester City, who also moved grounds fairly recently, are paying £37.50 less for their cheapest ticket but a number of factors are in play there. For a start, they didn’t have to pay to build the stadium in the first place and don’t have a debt to repay. They currently rent it from the council and only had to pay an initial £20m to facilitate the conversion from a Commonwealth Games stadium to a footballing one. And, of course, there’s the simple fact that everything is more expensive in London.

That being said, Chelsea’s place at number two should be questioned heavily given what a total sh*tpile Stamford Bridge is.

Unfortunately, as long as there’s still demand, and people keep buying the tickets, it’s unlikely the prices will go down anytime soon.

It’s just disappointing to know that if Arsenal kept up with the other big clubs commercially they wouldn’t have to charge fans so much to make money, but they probably would anyway.

Editor – It should be noted that while Arsenal are often reported as having the most expensive match and season tickets, these stats are selective. Before moving to Wembley, Spurs’ season tickets were the most expensive on a per-game basis (Arsenal give more games on their ST).

Arsenal also offer some of the lowest ticket prices for Premier League games in the division, with thousands of tickets available every season from £26. Something that’s rarely ever reported.