Rachel Yankey is pleased that her former Arsenal teammate, Danielle Carter, has been appointed a position on the FA Council because she feels the England international can really help football.

As a 24-year-old black woman, Carter’s inclusion on the FA Council, which was announced in October, is a huge step for minorities in football and Yankey reckons that her status as a current player will also help the sport.

“She’s female, she’s black and she’s a current player, so to have her on there, that wouldn’t have been done years ago,” Yankey told the Islington Gazette.

“We’re seeing improvements. We need to see more of it happening, but there are changes and it’s positive.

“She’s going to come from a different angle and it can only help football.”

The FA have been trying to improve diversity on their council, which is what led them to invite Carter on board and the striker wasn’t going to turn down such a huge opportunity.

danielle carter v bristol
LONDON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 08: Danielle Carter gives instruction to her team during the Women’s Super League 1 match between Arsenal and Bristol City at Meadow Park, Boreham Wood on October 8, 2017 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)

After the announcement, Carter said, “I really feel I can make a difference and be of benefit to football in England. There’s a long road ahead but hopefully I can be a driving force for change.

“I think I could be a good person to help make that happen, especially because I’m still playing. It is going to take time but The FA is already making changes and steps in the right direction.”

By including more minorities on the council, the FA has a chance to hear more voices. Diversity is massive when it comes to sport in general but it feels like football has been lagging behind. Only now are we seemingly taking steps to reach a wider audience, give people a voice and realise what good we can accomplish by doing so.

I’m sure Carter, who’s now scored six goals in four appearances for England, will do a fantastic job and will give young women a role model to look up to.

It’s also great to read how vocal Yankey is in support of her ex-teammate.