No Arsenal player has covered more ground than Granit Xhaka this season.

According to stats from the BBC, Xhaka has covered 115.31km in the Premier League so far.

That makes him the seventh hardest working player in the Premier League.

The list is topped by Burnley’s Jack Cork, who has covered 121.13km. Following him are Watford’s Abdoulaye Doucoure, Brighton’s Pascal Gross and Tottenham’s Dele Alli.

Hector Bellerin is the second hardest working Arsenal player, having covered 113.32km.

via BBC

The list is dominated by players who play outside the top six clubs in the Premier League.Their numbers are likely boosted for the amount of work they have to do without possession.

Arsenal players tend to cover less ground due to having the majority of possession in most of the games they play.

Xhaka, as the team’s holding midfielder, will always have a lot of ground to cover as he protects  the back four.

Bellerin, meanwhile, will get through a tremendous amount of work getting up and down the right flank.

Xhaka and Bellerin’s appearance on this list has also been helped by them being ever present in the Premier League this season.