Nigel Winterburn says Tottenham have closed the gap to Arsenal, but the Gunners are still on top. He feels that won’t change until Spurs end their trophy drought.

Earlier this year, Spurs won their second match in 10 games against the Gunners and finished above Arsenal for the first time in 21 years. That wasn’t much of an achievement, considering Arsene Wenger’s side were about as bad as they’d been in the Premier League under his tenure.

That didn’t stop Spurs fans thinking the balance of power had completely flipped on its head, however. But after being dominated in a 2-0 defeat to Arsenal at the weekend, Nigel Winterburn says Tottenham still have more to do to catch the Gunners.

He told Sky Sports: “Yes, they have closed the gap. I know I will upset a lot of Tottenham supporters… [but] the only time I’m really going to start worrying is when Tottenham start to win the trophies.

“If they can win the trophies and then keep finishing very high up in the league. If they win the Premier League, win the Champions League, FA Cups, and Arsenal are not doing that, then the real power shift has changed.

“For me, it hasn’t changed, the gap has closed, there’s hardly any gap. I’ve said it for the last two seasons, Arsenal and Tottenham are very, very close at the moment and I’ll put Liverpool in there with them as well.”

Looking at the league table, it’s probably not surprising that Nigel puts the three teams so close together at the moment. There’s one goal between Arsenal and Liverpool, and one point between the Gunners and Spurs. There’s then a couple of points between Spurs and the second & third positions, before an eight point leap to Manchester City.

At this stage, City staying top is the only thing that looks pretty much guaranteed. Every other top-six position could easily change multiple times before the end of the season, in my opinion. The Gunners will hope so, because right now they aren’t even guaranteed a Europa League place.

But with Spurs showing their true colours at the weekend, I’d expect their time on top in the table shouldn’t last long.