Laurent Koscielny and David Silva swapped kits after Sunday’s Premier League clash between Manchester City and Arsenal. Switching their shirts and shorts in the tunnel.

Thanks to the power of tunnel cam, we can now see everything that goes on before and after a game. This time, the Mirror was keen to point out that not only did Laurent Koscielny and David Silva swap shirts after the game on Sunday, they swapped shorts as well.

They called it unusual, but maybe it isn’t. Maybe this sort of thing happens all the time and we just don’t see it, because players don’t want to walk about in their pants in public. Perhaps there’s a big clothes swap after every game.

Undershirts, socks, under-socks – everything gets exchanged. I’m sure Silva’s shirt and shorts will serve as a good memento of the time the Spaniard quite literally ran rings around our midfield.

City won the game 3-1 thanks to goals from Kevin De Bruyne, Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus. Arsenal briefly threatened to get back into the game when Alexandre Lacazette scored in the second half.

However, City’s re-asserted their control over the game when Silva was allowed to waltz into an offside position and set-up a third goal.