Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly told Real Madrid that he doesn’t want them to sign Alexis Sanchez, whilst Messi is apparently happy for Özil to join Barcelona.

Don Balon claim that Arsenal have offered Alexis to the Spanish club, but Ronaldo has stepped in to try and prevent a move from happening, because he’s scared for his position. This comes in stark contrast to Don Balon‘s report on Özil to Barcelona, as they write that Messi has given his support to that deal.

Both players are out of contract at the end of the season, so Barcelona and Real Madrid could negotiate terms with either of them in January and see them join on a free in the summer.

Alexis Sanchez and Ronaldo play relatively similar positions, and as a result the Portuguese international might be under the impression that only one or the other could fit in a team at once.

Meanwhile Messi and Özil could quite easily play together, so it’s a different story for those two.

A slightly more cynical interpretation might be that Messi is happier to be surrounded by star players, whereas Ronaldo wants to be the main man. But personally, I’ve never been particularly drawn in by the idea that Messi is incredibly humble, I think he’s just less outwardly arrogant.

If a player came along to replace him, I’m sure he’d be just as disappointed as Ronaldo reportedly is.

Regardless of all this, it’s probably all made up anyway.