Mark Lawrenson has suggested that Mesut Ozil was putting himself in the shop window against Tottenham.

The former Liverpool defender and Match of the Day pundit believes that Ozil’s man-of-the match performance against Tottenham says everything about his attitude.

What he took from the performance wasn’t that Ozil was committed and eager to prove people wrong. No, he believes the German was just showcasing himself ahead of a potential transfer.

“It says a lot about his attitude. Ozil is showcasing himself,” Lawrenson said, as reported by the Sports Review.

It’s a very cynical take from someone who made a media career out of being grumpy and cynical. He acts as if this was the first time the 29-year-old has ever performed in a big match.

In reality, it wasn’t. Ozil has performed well in several big matches before, and doesn’t need another big game against Spurs to prove to potential buyers he’s capable of performing.

It’s easy to spin a narrative around Ozil due to his contract situation. The fact that he could leave the club puts his below-par performances in a very different light.

People are now questioning his commitment to the club more than his quality or suitability to the league. In my view, it’s unfair on Ozil to be constantly doubting his desire to be at the club.