George Graham believes Arsene Wenger should move on as manager of Arsenal.

Graham, who managed Arsenal for nine years and won nine trophies, feels that every manager has their moment but shouldn’t overstay their welcome.

Like many Arsenal fans, Graham believes Arsenal have gotten stale under Wenger’s leadership, and that the Frenchman needs to know when to stop.

“Fergie also got it right when stopping. He wins the league and packs it in. That’s a gift,” he told the Guardian.

“What do you do? He [Wenger] loves it. I just think we all have our time. You’ve had your period of success. Now move on. I’ve had my time. I can do without the limelight.”

Wenger has spoken about his fear of retirement and moving on from a profession he’s been in for a very long time. Unlike Sir Alex Ferguson, who had hobbies outside of football, Wenger is completely dedicated to the sport.

Every year without a league title seems to be fuelling his desire to continue in the job for even longer. He’s had two opportunities to walk out on a high, both after FA Cup triumphs in 2014 and 2017. On both occasions, his contract was due to expire in the summer. Both times, he signed a new deal.

His latest deal will keep him in charge until 2019, when we’ll no doubt go through the “Will he? Won’t he?” phase yet again. Wenger has been in charge of Arsenal for 21 years, by far the longest reign in the club’s history, but he’s in the eve of his career and an exit is inevitable.