Ryan Giggs thinks England need Jack Wilshere if they’re going to get anywhere at next year’s World Cup.

The Three Lions held Germany and Brazil to 0-0 draws over the break, which isn’t bad, but Southgate’s side struggled to hold onto the ball in both games, and didn’t threaten nearly as much as they conceded chances. Ryan Giggs thinks Wilshere could help the side find their feet in those kinds of games.

“To compete at the top, you need to keep the ball. And probably the best midfielder who keeps the ball is Jack Wilshere,” he said to ITV via Daily Star.

“Now, he needs to play. But in a game like that, you can give Wilshere the ball and he will get yourselves out of trouble, just like the Brazilians did when England pressed. So yeah; defensively very good, clean sheet. But to progress, you need to keep the ball.”

Many Arsenal fans will feel vindicated after watching the performances from England, as it was exactly what they said would happen. The Three Lions may have exceeded expectations defensively, but in midfield it was the same as usual – no creativity.

Every recent World Cup winner has had a creative midfielder to make things happen. Germany had Mesut Özil, Spain had too many to count, Italy had Andrea Pirlo and Brazil had Ronaldinho. England don’t really have anyone on the level of those players, but Wilshere is closer than what Southgate is putting out at the moment, in my opinion.

But, for now, the England manager makes his excuses to leave the 25-year-old out, giving him fewer and fewer chances to integrate the midfielder back into the team ahead of the tournament.

He’s taking a risk, I’d guess to try and put the pressure on Wilshere to get back to playing regularly for Arsenal. Perhaps he’s waiting to see if the midfielder can prove his fitness over a longer period.

Nonetheless, the sooner he’s back in the England team, the better, in my opinion.