Well this is new, eh?

Enough of your rambling, take me straight to the magazine

At Daily Cannon, we’ve come a long way since it all started back in 2008 as LadyArse. The site has grown larger than I could ever have imagined and we now have Arsenal fans trying to make a living writing about Arsenal.

We’ve tried doing gossip and chasing clicks, but, to be honest, it sucked the soul from us. So we want to try something different. These days, everything is so focused on ‘instant’ that we felt it was time we slowed things down a bit.

So what you will find in Caviar & Sausage is not breaking news, gossip or anything that is knee-jerk.

We have a team of great writers at Daily Cannon who are obsessed with Arsenal. With your support we can focus more resources on doing longer-form pieces, seeking out exclusives, and delivering you the type of content you not only want, but can consume at a time that suits you without worrying that you will miss anything that matters

That doesn’t mean it will exist in a vacuum. Many features will be based on events that have been in the news – but they will be written with the wisdom of passed time and without the urgency that causes so much online to be shallow and hardly worth the click.

Inside you’ll get the pick of our online features that you probably missed amidst the crazy noise that exists in the Arsenal online world, but you’ll also get loads of original content that has been written specifically for the magazine that hasn’t been available anywhere else.

This issue is just the start and we plan to make future issues, starting with next month’s, even bigger featuring nothing but exclusive content written just for the magazine. As soon as possible, we want to move to producing Caviar & Sausage as an actual magazine you can hold in your hands.

This is a new, developing project and we can’t make it work without your help.

Thank you for supporting us by buying an issue. Tell a friend and let us know what you’d like to see more (and less) of.

Thanks….we hope you enjoy it!

Many thanks to Phade Thasie (@bizmarock) who suggested the name.

Just click on the name below or ‘more info’ further down to check it out more.