Ex-Arsenal striker, Kevin Campbell, claims that if his former team decide to sell their best players, they’re officially no longer a ‘serious’ club.

With Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez both in the final year of their Arsenal contracts, Campbell reckons that the Gunners are proving they’re no longer a serious club.

“Arsenal aren’t serious anymore,” Campbell, who was with the Gunners from 1988 – 1995, told Starsport.

“If they were, then a player like Ozil or Sanchez wouldn’t be on the last year of their contract.

“Arsenal are a big club, with a big history.

“But the future isn’t looking bright if your best players are leaving.”

Even though Arsene Wenger insists more and more big clubs are going to be forced to allow their best players to run into the final year of their deals because of astronomical transfer fees, it’s still not an ideal situation to be in.

At the moment, the players and fans don’t know what’s going on or who will even be at Arsenal from one minute to the next.


While it seems slightly more likely that Ozil will sign a new deal, Alexis is almost definitely off, most likely to Manchester City – our rivals who are currently unbeaten in the Premier League this season.

Although, the German has been heavily rumoured to be reuniting with his former Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, at United.

The uncertainty hasn’t been good for the team at all, with Alexis consistently being painted as an outsider who violently tears off his red and white kit at the end of the day and dons his ‘I love Pep’ t-shirt.

If both Alexis and Ozil do leave, Arsenal will have to do everything they can to prove to fans that they are indeed still a serious club. And that won’t be easy to do.