Unsurprisingly, Joey Barton has spoken out against an Arsenal player, claiming the Aaron Ramsey penalty incident was no different to the one that saw Oumar Niasse banned.

Niasse became the first player to be banned retrospectively for diving, after exaggerating contact and winning a penalty in a 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace.

Funnily enough, former Burnley midfielder Joey Barton, who previously admitted to being rejected by Arsène Wenger, thinks Ramsey should be banned as well.

Barton told talkSPORT: “In my opinion, Aaron Ramsey has realised that ball is going over his head, he’s felt the contact and he’s done exactly the same – he’s jumped on the floor and has given the referee a decision to make.

ramsey penalty

“I can see how the referee has given it, but in my opinion if that was down the other end of the pitch he would never have given a penalty.”

Before we get onto the actual decision, I think it’s worth looking at a couple of these points. Firstly, the idea that Mason gave it because it’s Arsenal and wouldn’t have given it for Burnley is a bit ridiculous.

The rest of the game didn’t reflect that at all, with one challenge on Ramsey bizarrely rewarded with a free-kick for Burnley, and a penalty claim from Héctor Bellerín ignored.

Also, the fact that the ball was sailing over Ramsey’s head is more damning of Tarkowski than the Arsenal midfielder. There was no need to make any contact at all, let alone push him.

Then, on the actual incident, I don’t think Ramsey exaggerated the contact. I think he threw his arms in the air to draw attention to the fact he’d been pushed over, but that doesn’t change the fact he was pushed.

Drawing the referee’s attention to a foul is something fans don’t like, but it’s perfectly legal. It’s only if the Welshman tries to pretend something happened that didn’t that he should be banned.

In my opinion, that’s not how it was on Sunday.