Arsene Wenger believes there are many factors why young people are not attending football games.

A recent survey conducted by the BBC revealed that 82% of 18-24-year-olds feel that they have been priced out of watching football.

In addition, the poll suggests that only one in four fans watch football at a stadium more than once a month.

Wenger believes that a number of factors are contributing to this, including the price of attending matches and the availability of other activities.

“I think nothing is better to share the experience of a stadium, inside a stadium and there are many ingredients now in the modern game that could incite people not to go so much,” Wenger told
“First of all the lifestyle is a bit different, they play less, they play more on computers, that is a bit more an individual experience than a collective experience, playing with your partners is collective, playing on the computer is more of an individual experience. After that you have the fact that the security in gathering people is a problem as well in the heads of many.
“After, can you afford as well to go to the stadiums? When you are young you that’s not always easy so there are many ingredients we need to take care of in the game.”

The results are a reflection of the widening gap between football and the fans.

Wages in the UK remain static, yet football prices have stayed ridiculously high despite Premier League clubs getting richer through television revenue.

The issue isn’t immediately noticeable at the Emirates Stadium, which is often close to capacity regardless of how many regulars decide not to go.

Arsenal aren’t doing much to ease the financial burdens on fans in general, nevermind the younger generation.

Their season ticket prices remain the highest in the Premier League, while the average cost of a regular match ticket also stays very high.

As one of the richest clubs in the country, it’d be nice to see the club take the initiative on this issue.