Arsenal are planning to add 780 seats to the Emirates’ club level tier over the next two years, increasing the stadium’s capacity to over 60,600.

Arsenal plan to increase the capacity of the Emirates to just over 60,600 over the next two years.

The club want to add 780 seats to club level from May 2018 with an addition row, set to be completed by the start of the 2018/19 season, being the first addition. Once this is finished, work on the rest of the stadium will start in May 2019.

At the moment, maximum capacity at the Emirates is 60,432. However, the highest recorded number of seats taken is 60,161, when the Gunners faced Manchester United in the FA Cup back in 2007.

The increase by almost 1,000 seats could reportedly bring in around £10m extra revenue a year.

With Tottenham’s new stadium currently under construction and set to hold 61,000 spectators, it’s no wonder that Arsenal are trying to keep up by increasing their capacity to a similar amount.

Since the Gunners’ move to the Emirates in 2006, the club have prided themselves on having the best home ground in London. Most fans would even say it’s one of the best in the world. We couldn’t possibly allow our bitterest rivals to outdo us.

[Edit – I’m nearly certain that while on a stadium tour, Charlie George said the Emirates was built specifically so they could add an extra tier on should it be required, a move that would see the Emirates capacity surpass Tottenham’s new stadium by tens of thousands. Whether Arsenal ever use that option remains to be seen]

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