They’ve been in short supply, but this was a vintage Alexis Sanchez performance.

We haven’t seen the best of Alexis Sanchez this season, but his performance against Tottenham was full of quality and industry.

Off the ball, he worked very hard to close down Tottenham’s back three as part of a unit with Lacazette and Ozil. This set the tone for the rest of the Arsenal performance, as the team played aggressively but within the rules. His movement was also excellent, as he enjoyed peeling off the back of Davinson Sanchez.

It was such a movement that earned Arsenal the free-kick that led to the opening goal. He then got on the score-sheet himself, by hanging back just enough to find space in Spurs’ penalty area. His first touch wasn’t great, but he was quick to recover and put the ball into the roof of the net.

His second half performance was arguably more impressive. With Arsenal playing on the counter attack, he was tasked with chasing after long passes and working against multiple Spurs defenders.

In the final 20 minutes, he played as the lone striker and worked even harder, despite often lacking support. He was unfortunate not to get another goal, but found Hugo Lloris to be in good form.

Overall, Alexis led all players in shots (6) and managed to get four of them on target. He also completed five dribbles. If this is the last time we see such a great Alexis performance, he picked the perfect game to produce it.