Two Arsenal shares were traded for £27,500 on Wednesday, seemingly in response to the rumours of a bid by Stan Kroenke for Alisher Usmanov’s shareholding.

On Tuesday this week, rumours emerged that Kroenke had made a £525m bid for Usmanov’s 18,695 shares. This would give each individual share a price of £28,082, despite no share being traded for more than £21,500 in the past.

As Kroenke was reportedly willing to make such a high bid while Usmanov refused the offer, the implication is that if and when one does sell to the other, it’ll be for an even larger amount.

Therefore, it makes sense that the share price suddenly shoot up from £21,500 to £27,500 when two shares were reportedly traded on Wednesday, according to

Since report that there are currently 62,219 shares in issue, the new share price of £27,500 would make the club worth £1.7bn. Up £200m from the most recent Forbes valuation.

So the club continues to be worth more and more, but without any investment coming in from the shareholders, this doesn’t really mean much, unless you’re one of those shareholders.

Plus, after Usmanov’s statement confirming that he doesn’t plan to sell, the two majority shareholders seem destined to remain the same for now with no change to the way the club is run.

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