Carlo Ancelotti has been sacked by Bayern Munich and the latest rumours claim that the former Chelsea boss could be taking over at Arsenal, but is he the right man to succeed Arsene Wenger?

Ancelotti is reportedly the next in line to become Arsenal manager with Bayern sacking him after his side lost 3-0 to Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League.

Meanwhile, Wenger’s being doing well and has even been nominated for Manager of the Month for September, but there’s still an underlying feeling that another dip in form is just around the corner.

The Frenchman insists he knows nothing about his successor.

“I don’t know who will replace me at Arsenal,” Wenger told beIN Sports. “When you’re a manager for a club you have to work like you’re there forever.

“It demands total commitment. I believe as well that the football club works by everybody doing his own job well. My job is to prepare the team for the next game and be responsible for the technical policy of Arsenal Football Club.

“The job of my board is to choose the next manager. I don’t want to do the job of the board.”

Should Ancelotti take over from Wenger?

Let’s look at whether Ancelotti would be a good fit for Arsenal.

Gooners certainly think so.

The Italian has had a decent career, to put it lightly. He won Serie A with Milan, as well as the Champions League twice. He then did the double with Chelsea in 2009/10.

Once he moved to PSG, he only won Ligue 1 once but then again he was only there two years…

He took the Champions League to Real Madrid in 2013/14 and clinched the Bundesliga title with Bayern last season.

Ancelotti isn’t just experienced when it comes to winning. He’s experienced in winning with big teams on the big stage.

The 58-year-old has also demonstrated that he’s not opposed to changing tactics depending on the personnel. For example, he successfully favoured a 4-3-2-1 formation at Milan but won the Champions League with Real Madrid using 4-3-3.

The appointment of Ancelotti could also attract other big players as faith in Wenger dwindles.

Will Ancelotti succeed Wenger?

Although the manager reportedly has his eye on Wenger’s job, the Frenchman still has a little under two years left on his current deal. The boss always fulfills his contracts so I can’t see him leaving early unless something huge happens.

Is Ancelotti really going to sit around for two years waiting to get the Arsenal job? I doubt it.

What’s more, would another club hire him knowing that he was planning on running off to London within the foreseeable future?

It’s a nice idea but I don’t see it.

Who else could take over?

  • Roberto Martinez (Belgium)
  • Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid)
  • Max Allegri (Juventus)
  • Eddie Howe (Bournemouth)
  • Thomas Tuchel (Ex-Dortmund)