Fans of Premiership teams have rated the Emirates’ atmosphere as the joint-worst in the entire league.

It’s hardly surprising considering the reputation Arsenal’s stadium has for being a library, which was marginally funnier when we played at Highbury.

In fact, the Emirates scores 2.5/5 for its atmosphere. Presumably not a lot of Gooners voted or it probably would have been even lower…

I’m not entirely sure what visiting fans have to complain about to be fair. Fine, the beer’s not great but we have really nice toilets.

Although I’m unsure if not having to queue half an hour for a wee really contributes to the overall atmosphere.

West Ham have the joint-worst atmosphere in the Premier League, according to fans. I wonder if this is all the bubbles? I imagine it can get a bit slippery. Or perhaps the perpetual presence of Danny Dyer.

Old Trafford scores 3/5, which is pretty low considering their stadium has the highest seat allocation in the league. You’d think that more people means more atmosphere but apparently not.

The stadium with the best atmosphere is apparently White Hart Lane. It seems like Premier League fans enjoy risking their life as they’ve rated Tottenham’s gaff as 4/5 for atmosphere.

Swansea’s Liberty Stadium is also 4/5 and Anfield is 3.5/5.

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