The Premier League clubs have failed to come to a resolution on whether the ‘big six’ clubs should get a greater percentage of foreign TV revenues.

In discussions on Wednesday, it was expected that the clubs would come to a conclusion over whether the proposed plan would go ahead.

Reportedly, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham are among those who want 35 percent of the overseas TV revenue to be distributed according to league position.

Obviously teams lower down in the league standings aren’t so keen on the idea, and given the motion would need a 14-6 majority to go through, it seemed likely it would be rejected. However, the Daily Mail report that instead of the suggestion being rejected outright, the clubs have agreed to adjourn and think on the idea further before coming to a decision.

The Mail claim that Bournemouth, Crystal Palace and Swansea are among those who believe that the move would be a bad decision, as they expect the value of their clubs to fall in the case they aren’t given an equal share of the cash.

The only real benefit for the smaller teams is that the move could see the big six get even better, push for titles in Europe and bring more fans into the Premier League overall.

But that seems like a big risk to take when you know you’re likely to be giving up a lot of money, at least in the short term, for a strategy that might not even work and could just leave you worse off.

Obviously, Arsenal would be in a relatively good position either way financially, unless the club suddenly drops into the bottom half.