CEO Ivan Gazidis will be questioned over his lucrative bonus by Arsenal shareholders at the next Annual General Meeting.

The Arsenal fans were bemused when the club’s latest financial accounts revealed Gazidis was handed a £919,000 bonus. According to reports, Arsenal shareholders will question this decision at the club’s AGM that will be held on Thursday, October 26.

Few fans know exactly what has constituted such a high bonus. Gazidis could be complicit in the club’s lack of on-pitch success. Arsenal finished fifth last season after the uncertainty about Arsene Wenger’s new contract spread amongst the squad.

Following that, not a great deal of changes were made nor were there many new signings. Off the pitch, Arsenal did post another set of healthy financial results, but still lag behind their rivals commercially.

Gazidis is one of Arsenal’s most public behind-the-scenes figures and is very skilled at saying a lot without saying anything at significant. Should he be questioned during the AGM, he’ll no doubt give a political answer.

It should also be noted that after some heated AGMs in the past, questions must now be submitted in advance and be approved by the club.