The English media is threatening to collapse under the weight of their own hypocrisy when it comes to the two clubs from North London, Arsenal and Tottenham.

Initially, the signs were good that the media at large could go on slating Arsenal for anything and everything without rebuke. After all, no one really cared what Tottenham were doing anyway, unless you could somehow paint Arsenal supporters as “obsessed” with finishing above their clearly inferior rivals.

But then things started to change. Suddenly plucky little Tottenham Hotspur started to do all the same things that the Gunners had been doing for a decade.

The media started to become entangled in their own web of selective opinions.

Is Champions League qualification an achievement, or does it only count if it comes alongside a trophy?

Is it noteworthy to push title winners to the wire, or do you have to actually win the competition more often than once every 50+ years?

Is a near 10-year trophy drought a problem, or is it fine as long as you play some nice football and finish above your local rivals once?

It’s all started to become a bit much for the poor journalists.

How can they continue to slate Arsenal and praise Tottenham, when the Gunners are actually winning trophies, and Spurs are the team picking up participation medals and individual awards?

Honestly, it was unfair of Arsenal to put them in this position.

The Gunners should go back to being trophy-less, maybe stage a few more of those anti-Wenger protests. Those are always nice. Anything to distract from the double-standards the media have no choice but to utilise.

I mean, can you imagine what it would be like if Spurs were actually judged on what they’d achieved, like every other big six club?

A terrible thought.

No, this is a much better system.

The media aren’t the problem, Arsenal are.

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