The average price of a Premier League ticket costs £32, according to a new study.

The Premier League carried out research alongside professional services company, EY, and report that they’ve found that over half of supporters are paying less than £30 per match, with an average match cost of £32 overall.

What that means is the majority of fans in the league are paying under £30 per game, but the highest paying fans are dragging the average up, because their tickets cost so much more than the rest.

Clubs like Arsenal are not helping keeping costs down, considering the amount you have to pay to go to games at the Emirates.

The Gunners do subsidise away tickets, bringing the £30 capped price down to £26. The £30 limit was put in place last season, and will last for this campaign and the next. However, even in this regard Arsenal aren’t helping fans particularly much, since £26 is actually the average cost of an away ticket, with many clubs offering away games for less.

Plus, you can’t ignore the other costs associated with going to games. Even if you’re lucky enough to live in walking distance of the Emirates, you still have to pay for transport to attend the other 19 games of the season, which isn’t reflected in studies about ticket prices like this one.

If you could attend all Premier League away games for £26 each, tickets and transport all included, I’m sure those tickets would be even harder to come by. As it is, the high demand means prices are unlikely to come down any further.