Arsenal fans believe that Eddie Howe wouldn’t be a good replacement for Arsene Wenger.

When asked if the Bournemouth manager would make a good replacement for Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal fans voted ‘no’.

However, the results were closer than you’d think:

Howe has been touted as a potential successor to Wenger since Bournemouth came up to the Premier League in 2015.

His Bournemouth team gained a reputation for playing exciting attacking football, something that Arsenal always champion. That he’s a young, English manager has fuelled the idea that he could become an Arsenal manager one day.

However, it should be noted that Howe doesn’t have much experience working with top players.

He’s managed two clubs in whole career so far, and has just two years of Premier League experience.

Managing Arsenal would be a huge step-up, not just in player quality, but in expectation as well.

Many managers of mid-table teams have struggled to adjust to the size and pressure of a big club.

Although Howe is a promising club, there are a lot more fashionable choices around Europe who have a lot more experience than him.