Arsène Wenger says his preferred method of qualification for the Champions League would be to finish in the top-four of the Premier League, rather than risk qualification by winning the Europa League.

Wenger was asked about the system of qualification for the Champions League through winning the Europa League, to which he responded: “We don’t calculate that this is a way to qualify for the Champions League. It is not the best chance but one of the opportunities. I came out many times saying the best way to do it is the top four of the Premier League,” reports the Daily Mail.

I have to say I agree with Wenger. If you aim to qualify for the Champions League by finishing in the top-four, then you focus on doing as well as you can in the Premier League, with such momentum keeping the fans onside and confidence high in the camp. One specific match doesn’t have added importance over a 38-game season.

However, the opposite is true if targeting a Champions League place by winning the Europa League. Every game has added importance and one bad performance could see you eliminated. the Premier League gives you a chance of redemption.

Personally, I believe focusing on the league is a safer bet for Arsenal, especially if we are resting first-team players for the competition. It may prove too risky to put all our eggs into one basket this season.

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