Tony Gale believes that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will suit Liverpool more than Arsenal, after the English international made the move from the Emirates to Anfield this summer.

Oxlade-Chamberlain completed his move to Liverpool on transfer deadline day and the Sky pundit reckons he’s made the right choice. Gale believes the 24-year-old’s “high energy game” will suit Liverpool and that Jurgen Klopp will give him the tools needed to succeed.

“Do you know what I think it’s going to suit Oxlade-Chamberlain a lot better at Liverpool than it did at Arsenal,” he said, reports the Express. “I think he will be in a more organised team and his high energy game will be able to press and that’s what he didn’t do at the Arsenal. 

“They didn’t really give teams the regard that they should have done and didn’t give them the respect. So when he goes to Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp teaches him out to do that pressing game, how to get after the ball, I think he’ll be fine. 

“He can play in a few positions, of course across the front three and in the midfield area where he thinks he should be playing now at this stage in his career. His high energy game for me is perfect for Liverpool and it suits Liverpool more than it did Arsenal.”

Oxlade-Chamberlain’s “high energy game” worked at Arsenal, too. It’s just that he rarely produced at the end of his explosive runs. That end product may be refined under a new coach with different ideas to Wenger. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if he did improve under Klopp, I feel.

At the same time, being able to run a lot and run quickly is just a bare minimum. Knowing when, how and who to press will take time. It’s not knowledge he obtained while at Arsenal, in my opinion. His problem at Arsenal was never suitability, but a lack of guidance.

The flaws in his game were never ironed out and you wonder if he received adequate enough coaching while he was at the club. We’ll see if that’s the case if he goes on to improve at Liverpool.