Graeme Souness thinks that Sead Kolašinac was lucky to escape from David Luiz’s red card challenge without a broken leg.

Souness said on Sky Sports that the decision to send Luiz off was the correct one, and he couldn’t understand why Chelsea manager Antonio Conte was so keen to protest it. “I’m struggling to understand what the manager’s on about here, Conte,” he said, reports the Express.

“He’s out on the touchline waving an imaginary card for who? This is just reckless, the game’s 0-0, he’s frustrated. He’s not had a good day, ‘here, have some of that’. That is a leg-breaker. That’s a red card all day.”

For once, Souness’ opinion on an incident involving Arsenal is spot on. David Luiz was clearly frustrated by the way the game was going, and his mood wasn’t improved by the introduction of Alexis Sanchez, who scurried around trying to steal the ball off the Chelsea defenders.

After a short tussle with Alexis, Luiz clearly realised he’d let the ball get away from him, and dived in to leave something on the intercepting Sead Kolašinac.

There weren’t too many complaints from fans watching on TV from what I saw. Even most Chelsea fans on social media seemed more annoyed with Luiz for his rash decision rather than blaming referee Michael Oliver for brandishing the red card.

When Conte watches the situation back, I’m sure he’ll come to the same conclusion. Kolašinac was lucky his leg wasn’t planted on the ground and Luiz clearly went in off the ground and over the ball. There can be no doubts about the decision, in my opinion.